Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sexiest girl of the week is Sammie Pennington

The Sexiest girl of the week award goes to Sammie Pennington

Mmmmm. Sammie Pennington. Or should that be Felicity Funbags? Back in the day, when this brunette babe was discovered she said that if she ever became a porn star, that would be her name.

Since first showing a grateful world her perfect 32Es, Sammie went on to be a ZOO & FHM regular, with her stunning looks and brilliant potty-mouth also landing her plenty of (rude) TV work. Not that she forgot to pop back now and then for another trouser-troubling magazine shoot!

Over the years, Sammie has pulled off some memorable stunts in the name of nudity - going without any clothes for 24-hours, fulfilling every red-blooded Englishman's fantasy by posing in an England shirt and ever performing a sky-dive!

Follow this link bellow if you are alone.
Enjoy taking a look through Sammie's picture galleries and videos.

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