Sunday, 24 February 2013

Leg crossing move exposing her ... funny prank.

Have you ever wondered if that leg crossing move Sharon Stone does in Basic Instinct would really work on men. Then watch this funny clip. 
If you are not sure what I am taking about you might be under the age of 25.
These guys must have felt very stupid staring at this girl. And REALLY felt like a poephole/asshole when they got told they are going to be on a funny TV show.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Oscar to be charged with premeditated murder.

So here is the update to this tragic story.

Apparently when security entered his house they found Oscar in the bathroom with his girlfriend. She was already dead. Shot 4 times through the bathroom door. 
It seems that they have been arguing throughout the day and this was just the last straw.

It is very sad that this girl got shot in cold blood, but what I would like to know is why do Oscar have all of these guns, yes he is a gun collector. He claims. Who collects machine guns that they keep on the balcony?

I'm not judging, but this is just a story that is making our so called "hero" look like a cold hearted killer.
Even if some people that have met him say he has a bit of a temper and gets upset very quickly, I would like to hear what the truth is before I make up my mind.

The latest news is that Oscar might be charged with premeditated murder.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Oscar Pistorius shoots girlfriend.

WTFJohannesburg - Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend in the early hours of Thursday morning, apparently after thinking she was an intruder, Beeldreported.
The police's Captain Sarah Mcira confirmed the woman had been shot in the head and arm.
She died at the scene.
Pistorius is apparently in police custody.

More news. Apparently the girlfriend entered his house in the early morning and she was planning a Valentine's Day surprise for him.
Also I have heard that he will be appearing in court today. I guess they are trying to keep him from being locked up in jail and keep this from the media.

More details to follow.
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Reeva Steenkamp

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Skater to be charged, But check out how awesome it is going downhill on a longboard.

If you were wondering what the deal is with the city that want to through a skateboarder in jail for reckless endangerment read this.

I agree that it is indeed very reckless to do this, but at the end of the day it would only be yourself that you kill.

So I need to ask this government officials how they justify the reckless driving of "blue light brigade" that is still driving like maniacs down Marine Drive & even sometimes in the buss lanes.

Helen, are you going to do something about this or not?

A quick bomb with Decio Lourenco!
Music: "Sail" by AWOLNATION

The skater in this video is a highly trained professional and we MUST insists that no-one attempts to perform this stunt.
Remember to always skate safe!

Check out this video clip below.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Sexiest Girl of the week - Megan Fox

Sexiest Girl of the week - Megan Fox

(born May 16, 1986) is an American actress and model. 
She began her acting career in 2001, with several minor television and film roles, and played a regular role on the Hope & Faith television show. In 2004, she made her film debut with a role in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. In 2007, she co-starred as Mikaela Banes, the love interest of Shia LaBeouf's character, in the blockbuster film, Transformers, which became her breakout role. Fox reprised her role in the 2009 sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
Later in 2009, she starred as the eponymous lead in the film Jennifer's Body. Fox is also considered one of the modern female sex symbols and has appeared in magazines such as Maxim, Rolling Stone and FHM