Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Baby Mila died.

Last week our daughter Baby Mila died after my wife had an emergency c-section. Unfortunately the Dr. could not save her due to various unforeseen circumstances, I really don't want to go into details right now.  We are very heartbroken and there will always be a missing piece in our heats. We love you Mila.
I want to thank all of you who sent flowers & messages. We appreciate your friendship through this time.

Monday, 11 March 2013

1979 C650 Cafe Build

It's bee a long time since I have posted anything and unfortunately there are only one of me. Trying to split myself between Blogger, Husband, Father ,Designer, Bike Mechanic is not easy. So I finally bought some parts for my bike and started to build my cafe racer. The front part anyway. 
Started last night with the Handlebars ,gauges and headlight. The re-positioning of the headlight was by far the  most difficult part. Trying to get all the cables & wiring to work in the new position was a bit tricky.
The new rider position is must different to the stock handle bars. Completely different handling of bike.

I will have to do some modifications to my cafe racer seat, and foot-pegs, because I am now sitting about 6cm more forward than where I would normally sit.

Next big work will be the fiberglassing cafe racer seat, (you can see green shape bellow).
And I have to fit the smaller indicators.

Here are some shots of yesterday's work.



before and after