Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ever had to much to drink and woke up feeling like this?

How do you know you had to much to drink? I guess there is no real way of knowing until you get pulled over.
Why do cops ask you if you have been drinking? It's not like you are going to tell him.
Just tune the cops "excuse me Mr officer sir... my name is bob and I am lost, can you tell me where Voortrekker road is".  I am sure this will work out perfectly for you next time.
Try it and let me know how it went down.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Follow up on the Murder at Tutu's daughter's house.

Here is the latest on this case of the murder at Tutu's daughter's house.
According to the report ,the only item missing from the house is the cellphone that belongs to the domestic worker.
Now what does that mean? Was this murder personal? Why just take the cellphone?
I think after all this fuss about rica, it should be the easiest thing in the world for the police & cellphone company to trace that phone as soon as someone put a sim card in or make a call.
Let's see if that works. Good luck.
Article attached below.
The motive for the murder of the domestic worker of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s daughter, Mpho Tutu, is still unknown.
Police are trying to establish what led to the murder of Zimbabwean Angela Machinga, 40, whose body was found in the Tutu family home in Milnerton on Thursday.
Machinga had been tied up and stabbed to death.
Police spokesman Warrant Officer November Filander said it was suspected that she was murdered between 1pm and 4pm on Thursday.
“We don’t know what the motive is. Only the cellphone of the deceased is missing. A murder docket was opened for investigation purposes.
“No one has been arrested yet,” said Filander.
He said Machinga was last seen alive by Tutu and her family when they left the house at about 7am on Thursday.
The family returned home at about 4.30pm to find their front door open, and called a security company to investigate.
Upon entry, the security company found Machinga’s body in the house, with stab wounds, and her feet and hands tied up with clothing.
Benny Gool, spokesman for the Tutu family, said the family was not yet available for comment.
“We are waiting to hear from the police; we cannot comment further at this stage,” said Gool.
Tutu’s neighbours told sister paper the Weekend Argus that they had not heard or seen anything unusual on the day of the murder.
A domestic worker said she sometimes chatted to Machinga when she saw her on the street, but she did not know whether Machinga had a husband or children.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Walvis word opgekap op Buffelsbaai - Walvisfees?

Hierdie week sometime het daar glo 'n huge walvis uitgespoel op buffelsbaai en gister was dit die dag wat hulle die baai sluit en die 20-30 ton vis begin op kap. Ek weet nie van julle nie, maar 20-30 ton vis klink nie vir my na 'n maklikke job om op te kap nie. Hulle moes een van daardie sloot graaf goed gebruik om die klomp vis dele op te skep en in 'n tipper te gooi. Van daar af weet ek nie eintlik wat hulle gaan maak daarmee nie, miskien gebruik vir viskos. Jy weet nooit nie. Ai Challa, hoop daai bloed in die water lok nie haaie nie.

Murder at Tutu's daughter's home

Wow ,here's a shocker.
First I was afraid, then petrified.....Not
No ,rely I was puzzled that Archbishop Desmond Tutu had a daughter, but that is beside the point.
A domestic worker at the Cape Town home of Archbishop Desmond Tutu's daughter was found murdered, police said on Friday.
Warrant Officer November Filander said the woman's body was found on the floor of a house in Milnerton Central on Thursday afternoon.
“It is alleged that the owners of the house left the premises at 7am, when the domestic worker was still alive.”
They returned home at about 4.30pm and discovered the front door was wide open. They called a local security company who entered the premises and found the woman's body.
Her hands and feet had been bound with clothing. She had stab wounds to her body.
“The deceased was identified as 40-year-old Angila Machinga from Zimbabwe. It is suspected that the incident occurred between 1pm and 4pm. It is also unclear at this stage if anything was taken from the house.
“A murder docket was opened for investigation purposes. No one has been arrested as yet,” said Filander
Milnerton is a big area, but still you do not expect things like this to happen anywhere near your area.
Freedom of speech = I think the maid new the intruders as there was no mention of forced entry and why mention that it is unclear that anything have been stolen. Dude, If I had 3 hours to rob a place ,I would have cleaned it out... Unless this girl made such a scene that they just stabbed her, but criminology 101 teach us that if the vic were stabbed repeatedly, it was personal or they are inexperienced. So sorry for the loss and hope the catch these mother F@ckers.

Brookes Ass

These days in SA it is very easy to spot those mistakes made my management. Not only the financial side ,but also the advertising & display side. I myself don't mind spelling mistakes as long as you can read it. But I find it bizarre when people can't spell Oros. How difficult can that be? Plus the fact that you can buy Brookes Ass for R39.99 Sounds like a bargain, if you are into that kind of thing.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Making Biltong - My way

Making Biltong my way is easy, just follow these simple steps and  DON'T CUT ANY OF YOU FINGERS OFF. It will take you about 1hour of "work" and 4hours + 2 days waiting period, but when it's done, it's great.

Step 1 - preparation is key, to save time and make sure you have what you need before the PnP close.
You will need:
Biltong spice (black & white pepper, coriander ,brown sugar, salt.)
Vinegar (the taste of your biltong depends on 2 things, your vinegar & your spice) I use 2/3 parts white grape vinegar & 1/3 parts apple vinegar) I also put a little bit of Worcester sauce with mine.

My wife makes her own chilly bites, so she uses my spice ,but add a bit of chilly spice (from the real Indians, hey)
You need a knife, sharp one please.
And silver side or topside meat (you can buy this from any shop that sell meat)

Step 2 - you can figure this out by yourself if you really want to make biltong, but you have to cut your meat into about 2cm wide pieces/ strips.

Step 3 - mix your sauces, enough to cover your meat halfway.

Step 4 - Put your meat in your sauce for about 4 hours (n fridge, turn it after 2 hours)

Step 5
Take it out and spice it both sides.
(sorry I did not take a photo of this, I guess you know how to spice meat.)

Step 6
Put hooks through. and hang to dry.

Step 7
Wait for about 2 days, You can feel it ,cut it or do whatever you like to check if it is wet/dry enough for you.