Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Making Biltong - My way

Making Biltong my way is easy, just follow these simple steps and  DON'T CUT ANY OF YOU FINGERS OFF. It will take you about 1hour of "work" and 4hours + 2 days waiting period, but when it's done, it's great.

Step 1 - preparation is key, to save time and make sure you have what you need before the PnP close.
You will need:
Biltong spice (black & white pepper, coriander ,brown sugar, salt.)
Vinegar (the taste of your biltong depends on 2 things, your vinegar & your spice) I use 2/3 parts white grape vinegar & 1/3 parts apple vinegar) I also put a little bit of Worcester sauce with mine.

My wife makes her own chilly bites, so she uses my spice ,but add a bit of chilly spice (from the real Indians, hey)
You need a knife, sharp one please.
And silver side or topside meat (you can buy this from any shop that sell meat)

Step 2 - you can figure this out by yourself if you really want to make biltong, but you have to cut your meat into about 2cm wide pieces/ strips.

Step 3 - mix your sauces, enough to cover your meat halfway.

Step 4 - Put your meat in your sauce for about 4 hours (n fridge, turn it after 2 hours)

Step 5
Take it out and spice it both sides.
(sorry I did not take a photo of this, I guess you know how to spice meat.)

Step 6
Put hooks through. and hang to dry.

Step 7
Wait for about 2 days, You can feel it ,cut it or do whatever you like to check if it is wet/dry enough for you.

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