Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Boston Marathon Explosions: Moment of Impact

The death toll in the Boston Marathon bombings has increased to three people, according to the Boston Police commissioner.

Among the dead was an 8-year-old boy, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

"This cowardly act will not be taken within stride," Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said this evening. "We will turn every rock over to find the people who are responsible for this."

At least 133 people were injured, including several children with severe trauma, when bombs exploded almost simultaneously near the marathon finish line, police said.

FBI Taking Charge of Investigation

The FBI has taken the lead in the investigation and at a news conference tonight said there are no suspects in custody.

Despite reports of law enforcement officials questioning a potential person of interest at Brigham and Women's Hospital, where many of the injured were taken, Davis urged caution.

"There's no suspect at Brigham and Women's Hospital," Davis said. "There are people we are talking to, but no suspect."

ABC News can confirm that one of the people law enforcement officials are talking to is a 20-year-old Saudi national at a Boston hospital. Sources tell ABC News that he is here legally on a student visa and that his visa is clean with no apparent criminal history.

Davis declined to say whether he thought the devices were acts of terrorism, but said, "You can reach your own conclusion based on what happened."
Two bombs exploded near the race finish line on Boylston Street shortly before 3 p.m. The area was crowded with runners and spectators, and thousands of runners were still completing the race.Boston police tonight, at a news conference, said that there are people they are talking to, but no suspects.

According to law enforcement sources, the first bomb exploded at the Marathon Sports running store and blew out windows in four nearby buildings, injuring 15 to 20 individuals. The second blast occurred about 50 to 100 yards away, severely injuring more bystanders, Davis said.

The working theory about the bombs among Massachusetts law enforcement is that they were small, crudely made devices hidden in bags or backpacks, planted either during the race or immediately prior and detonated remotely, possibly with a cellphone. Officials have subpoenaed cellphone records.

More than 400 National Guardsmen in attendance at the marathon helped secure a perimeter around the scene.

One witness described the scene as being like a "war zone,"while a doctor who was standing nearby said he immediately started treating people with severe leg injuries.
Watch the video of the blast here http://abcnews.go.com/US/video/boston-marathon-explosions-moment-impact-18962980?tab=9482931&section=120683

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Growing old can be fun.

Most of us don't want to think about getting old, the other bunch of us probably think..... it might be crap and then you get the weird bunch that say "I don't mind getting old" What's up with that.
I am sure every person would love to stay young, but not work. Just hang around and do fun things all day or as I like to call it PLAY.
So the other day I found a funny video clip and I thought that if I am going to grow old with my wife we will probably end up being this couple.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Affie Plaas - Trip to Robertson

If you ever find yourself on the way to Robertson, do yourself a favor and stop at Affie Plaas. They have the best farm bread and Milktarts.
And for the singles, read their sign outside the door.
Very Funny.
I do not think you can really buy a boere meisies there, but I wonder what that is.
And Rooinekke?