Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Movember 2012 & The Movember song starring Derick Watts & Sunday Blues Carley Ray Jepson

The day is upon us, when all men and mice must "grow a mo"
Movember this year I will have to top last year. 
I'm a year older and hopefully I will have more mo to show. lol

If you do not know what Movember is all about then I suggest you google it, because I'm not going to give you the long version, just the short & sweet.
Men grow their facial hair & we do the whole fundraising thing & supporting the testicular cancer thing.
Or some men might just grow a "mo"

Here's a photo of me and Kate, she also wanted to grow a mo, but daddy had to help her with mommy's mascara.

There is a guy in our block where I work that make music videos for fun with his friend ,they decided to do one for Movember this year and it even stars Deric Watts.
Check it out. very funny $hit.

Go on and grow your MOvember

Bellow is the link to the Movember music video.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Most amazing & some funny Motorcycle sidecars.

I came across some amazing sidecars & found some that where very funny and worth sharing.
Here are a few of them. 

O and I even found "Frikkie van Boksburg's" sidecar. (it's the 2 at the end, but I'm sure you figured that out by yourself)

 And the 2 bikes Frikkie own.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

sexiest girl of the week is Sara Sampiao

Sexiest girl of the week award goes to Portuguese model Sara Sampiao.

These days, tights are more often associated with costumed superheroes than seduction. Indeed, the most you probably hear about them is your other half complaining about unflattering ladders. That's all about to change, thanks to Calzedonia's latest ad campaign. Shot by Guy Aroch and inspired by an iconic Bridget Bardotte pose from the Sixties, the shoot sees Portuguese model Sara Sampaio in a range of sultry items from the new collection - and very little else. Needless to say: best stocking filler ever.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Most amazing magic trick I have seen in a long time.

Americas Got Talent-Impossible Illusion!

There is really not much I can say about this illusion, but you have to see it.
It's one of the best ones I have seen in a long time.
Watch it and let me know if you can figure out how they did this.

Click on the link below and watch it.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Johannesburg Hail Storm Horror Video

You must have heard by now about the freaky golf and tennis ball size hailstorm that literally hit Johannesburg Saturday night?

Pietie van Pretoria said that his family kaya in Johannesburg was hit very hard and he will have to travel there this week to repair his gutters.
"My gutters was hit moertoe (very badly broken) by the big hail, I have to fix it this week"
(photo of his gutters attached)

I'm just joking. There is no Pietie, but Johannesburg was hit by a 5min freak hailstorm that must have created a nightmare for insurance companies today.

Allot of images was posted on the internet & spread via email today, but I wanted to attach a video clip of this just to show you how hectic it was.

Thank goodness my "rusted ratbike" was not parked outside, because after such a storm just the tires would remain standing, because everyone knows there is no rust on rubber.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dirty bike washed by bikini models for insurance company's promo.

Glamour model Lucy Pinder and a couple of bikini-clad friends make a dirty bike very clean for Uk Bennetts insurance company's promo...
Too bad my bike is so rusted that if they had to wash it they will have to get paid "danger pay" 
Plus I still do not know how washing the bike relates to the insurance, but as they say sex..y sells.

Watch the video clip here.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Die Antwoord - Fatty Boom Boom music video!

Hey the long awaited music video Fatty Boom is out now. Please go and check it out, it's awesome.
They are even joking about the American's that think we have wild animals walking in our streets, laughing at us calling a traffic light a "robot" and fake Lady Gaga with her meat dress makes an appearance. 
But I am sure that is is going to get the conservative people moaning and banning it, even from youtube.
Don't ask me why, you get some people out there that do not understand Die Antwoord.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Aliens, moms to be & babies with laser eyes.

Recently we found out my wife is expecting another baby girl and within the month that followed we received news (via this amazing new invention called facebook) that more of our friends are pregnant.
This is not what surprised us, but the fact that 5 are pregnant and are all about 1 week apart was really weird. Almost freaky. They are all between 10 & 15 weeks now. And no they do not know each other and they do not belong to some kind of cult. And no Steve Hofmeyr were not in town either. (sorry Steve)

Maybe August was a cold month?
I think it must have been some robot alien that came down to plant their laser eyed babies among our species. For safety sake & the future of our planet (the Americans currently call earth) I will only mention the names of the lucky ladies.
Congratulations to Annelie, Janine, Annastasia, Rosemary, Lisa & I am sure there was another one, but cant remember who.
O, right ... I think it's you!
Better get that test and make sure. lol

Note to all Star-Trek fans, stop getting so f*ing excited right now, there are no alien babies with laser eyes.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

world's most dangerous man .... still alive...for now...I think.

When I found this video clip I thought that it is all about some criminal that is the most dangerous man, blablabla. But NO! there was a lighter side, funny side, so I thought of sharing this with you.
So what is this about. Basically it's about a guy trying to impress the x factor judges (including THE HOFF) with his amazing talent involving a scorpion, x2 steak knifes, a small fire & a bowling ball.
What is this I am talking about? 
What will they think off next.
Watch the clip and see for yourself.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Best compilation of lucky people.

You have to watch this compilation of lucky people.
They say that sometimes you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, but for these people it was the other way around, being at the right place at the wrong time.

Check out this awesome video clip.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Red Bull Stratos mission was delayed due to high winds.

The Red Bull Stratos mission was delayed due to high winds. It’s scheduled to launch later this week, weather permitting. 

This is not something you see every day: extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner will undertake a 23-mile free fall into southeastern New Mexico this week —if the weather permits it. Baumgartner has spent five years training, and he is hoping to take off in a 55-story helium balloon headed to the stratosphere on Oct. 9, after weather pushed the jump back by a day. It will take him three hours to reach 120,000 feet. From that height, his jump is expected to last about 10 minutes and he will reach speeds of 690 mph. Pawel Szaniawski interviews the daredevil.

Read more about the interview with this crazy guy here.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Sexiest girl of the week & new 007 James Bond Girl - Bérénice Marlohe

Sexiest girl of the week award goes to James Bond Girl Bérénice Marlohe

Bérénice Marlohe (born 19 May 1979 in Paris, France) is a French actress. Marlohe will play Bond girl "Sévérine" in the twenty-third James Bondfilm, Skyfall, set for release in 2012. Her television credits include Père et Maire, Femmes de loi, and Equipe médicale d’urgence. She is currently[when?] filming the French comedy Un bonheur n'arrive jamais seul with Sophie Marceau (a former Bond girl herself). She is also a brand ambassador for Omega Watches.

Watch the new 007 James Bond Trailer here.
It's coming out this year & looks like it will be good, as always.

Friday, 5 October 2012

The most bizarre sex tape ever? Hulk Hogan. Really WTF?

The most bizarre sex tape ever? Hulk Hogan attempts to distract with two-tone facial hair as explicit footage is leaked on the internet.

I think it is really funny how so called stars "leak sex tapes" in order to get some publicity. 
Personally I do not want to see this tape, but if you want to check it out click on this link to see it.

A bizarre sex tape starring Hulk Hogan, his overweight best friend Bubba the Love Sponge and his ex-wife has been leaked online.

The 59-year-old star, who previously admitted he had starred in the wild tape, can be seen performing a sex act on the woman before telling the lucky lady he 'felt like a pig' after eating just ten minutes before filming.

According to Radar Online, the obliging female is Heather Clem, who is the ex-wife of Hulk's best friend, radio DJ Bubba the Love Sponge.

The website has reported that the tape is 30 minutes long, and that has obtained a one-minute clip of it.
In the clip, the professional wrestler can be seen engaging in a sex act with the brunette after a man thought to be his friend Bubba is seen leaving the room.
Bubba, who legally changed his name by deed poll, is mentioned in the video as Hulk asks his partner if she had slept with him earlier that day. 
It has also been said that Hulk receives a call from his son Nick during the bedroom antics, but instead of answering the phone, he responds: 'F*** no!'
Following their intimate moment, Hulk begins dressing himself before telling the woman that he 'felt like a pig' after eating just ten minutes before they filmed.

As he leaves the room, he turns to the woman and says: 'You’re a hot commodity.'
It is thought that the tape was filmed shortly after Hulk's split from his wife Linda in 2007.

Speaking about the time the tape must have been made, Hulk told in March: 'It wasn't just one brunette I was running wild for a few months.'
He also said: 'I don't even remember people's names much less girls.'
The wrestling legend said the tape must be at least five years old because he has been with current wife Jennifer McDaniel that long.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Deadpool vs Ganham Style

Ok, so this is what you do if you have a power ranger suit or in this case "deadpool",some masks & a video recorder.
You get wasted and go record a friend doing the Ganham Style moves all over town.
I'm not saying this is what Deadpool did. Honestly I do not know who the hell that super hero is, but it was funny watching this clip.

video clip bellow