Saturday, 13 October 2012

Aliens, moms to be & babies with laser eyes.

Recently we found out my wife is expecting another baby girl and within the month that followed we received news (via this amazing new invention called facebook) that more of our friends are pregnant.
This is not what surprised us, but the fact that 5 are pregnant and are all about 1 week apart was really weird. Almost freaky. They are all between 10 & 15 weeks now. And no they do not know each other and they do not belong to some kind of cult. And no Steve Hofmeyr were not in town either. (sorry Steve)

Maybe August was a cold month?
I think it must have been some robot alien that came down to plant their laser eyed babies among our species. For safety sake & the future of our planet (the Americans currently call earth) I will only mention the names of the lucky ladies.
Congratulations to Annelie, Janine, Annastasia, Rosemary, Lisa & I am sure there was another one, but cant remember who.
O, right ... I think it's you!
Better get that test and make sure. lol

Note to all Star-Trek fans, stop getting so f*ing excited right now, there are no alien babies with laser eyes.

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