Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Girl opens beer bottle with right boob. Stupid post, but I was curious to see how.

Boobs provide much more than just food for babies and toys for men. They are also hugely useful when you’re trying to get drunk. This girl know what I’m talking about…
PS. no porn here, so you might as well view this clip at work.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Alleged Gangster / Mob boss Radovan Krejcir assassination attempt - fail

Police are believed to be looking for a special effects film-maker who they suspect is responsible for weaponising the vehicle used to attack notorious Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir.

The Star has learnt that the attempted hit on Krejcir on Wednesday may be linked to the Cape Town movie industry.

The attempted assassination wouldn’t have been out of place in a James Bond movie, with Krejcir narrowly escaping death by a remote-controlled automatic weapon built into a parked car.

Krejcir, a director of Moneypoint – a gold and diamonds pawn shop on Bradford Road in Bedfordview – had been visiting the business at the time.

He drove his black Mercedes-Benz AMG into the parking lot of the business between 10.30am and 11am, parking perpendicular to a red VW Polo Cross.

Radovan Krejcir speaks to a friend after the attack in Bedfordview. Photo: Timothy Bernard


Business agents at Remax One, which shares the premises with Moneypoint, told The Star they had noticed the vehicle in the past three to four days, but each had assumed the car’s driver was visiting the other businesses.

Wednesday morning, its back was positioned opposite to where Krejcir was about to park, outside the Remax real estate building.

Krejcir told The Star he was taking a phone call after having just got out of his vehicle.

He said he had taken three steps when he heard a loud “popping” noise that he initially thought could be fireworks.

Unaware of the danger, he continued his phone call.

Then bullets flew from a dozen gun barrels built onto the inside of the VW Polo, just behind the licence plate.

Indents made by the projectiles on Krejcir s bullet-proof vehicle. Picture: Timothy Bernard


“It was like something from a movie,” said Krejcir, shaking his head in disbelief. “It’s definitely a professional job.”

Krejcir said he realised that he had just had an attempt hit on his life only when he saw a string of bullet dents lining the driver’s side and back passenger-side windows.

A remote control was used in the attack.

The Polo burst into flames. Its licence plate was blown off and part of the back of the car melted from the intense heat.

The projectiles were unable to pierce Krejcir’s R1.7 million bullet-proof car, but The Star counted at least 24 holes on windows and walls surrounding it. No one was hurt.

Meeting journalists from The Star in his office, flanked by two associates, Krejcir said: “I don’t know who did it, but if I did I wouldn’t tell you.”

Puffing on a cigarette, he was cheerful and joked that he would start going to church.

“It was a surprise for me, but I am not gonna get some bodyguards or anything like that.”

He added “we” should just let the police do their job.

Estate agents at Remax One said the VW Polo was not there in the morning and must have re-entered the premises between 9am and 10.30am.

“We ran out when we heard a bang and more popping sounds and saw the car on fire,” said Jarrid Rahme.

Police said the weapon itself was a battery-operated, remote-controlled device that ran on two batteries similar to those used in public phones.

At the time of publication, no arrests had been made.

A case of attempted murder has been opened.

A sourceclose to the investigation told the Star that the attack may be linked to Krejcir’s dealings with Cape Town gangsters over territory.

The source indicated that Krejcir had allegedly met with one of Cape Town’s most notorious members of the underworld at Emperors Palace last week – in an attempt to iron out their differences.

“It didn’t go well,” said the source. “It’s understood the alleged gang leader is currently out of the country.”

Security expert Paul O’Sullivan said: “It’s a disgraceful use of state resources, which would not be necessary if this gangster had been sent packing the day he arrived (in South Africa).

“While I’m not in agreement with anybody being murdered, it’s clear that this thug has developed many enemies as a result of his crime wave in South Africa and elsewhere.

“If the gangsters have to kill each other, I say please do not hurt innocent people in the process. And when there’s only one left, we should give him life for murder,” he said.

The attempted hit comes just a week after it was revealed that sleaze king Lolly Jackson’s suspected killer, George Louca, is scheduled to be extradited from Cyprus to South Africa.

He is expected to reveal in court details of the local criminal underworld.

Krejcir has been in the media spotlight for years, fleeing the Czech Republic after allegedly defrauding the government of more than R225m.

In December, he was convicted in his absence in Prague for money laundering and sentenced to 11 years behind bars.

Krejcir is at present fighting an attempt to have him extradited to the Czech Republic.

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The Star

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tourists having a picnic in Russia capture a helicopter crash on camera!

In Russia, even the rivers have dash-cams. Tourists vacationing in Russia accidentally caught a scary helicopter crash on camera. 
It looks like the pilot knew he had a problem and made sure to use the water to cushion the landing. What do you think happened? 
Leave your thoughts in our comment section.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Game of Thrones characters as today's Hipsters, what will they look like and what would they wear?

I have recently watched allot of the series Game of Thrones and found some artworks of the characters as modern day Hipsters. So you might wonder What will they look like and what would they wear?

Here they are.

Daenerys Targaryen

Jon Snow

Sansa Stark

Jamie Lannister

Even with 90's street style, Joffery can't look cool.

Arya Stark

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Introducing The Flask Tie

 Are you tired of being that boring old bastard at the office, or, just damn right fed up with the crappy day job you are stuck with? Look no further than the revolutionary FLASK TIE… My buddy sent me this and I thought I have to share it with you guys that are unlucky enough to wear suits to work on a daily basis!

It’s pretty much a camel pack for suits! This stylish necktie comes with a secret container that allows one to fill it with booze, their favorite beverage or any other liquid that you heart desires. Just don’t put any shroom drops or LSD in there, else your work day might go from bad to f*cking disastrous!!!

Innovative Flask Tie features built-in drinking valve, simply “bite and sip”. Perfect necktie for office workers. Wear it to parties, concerts, weddings, and other formal occasions. Discrete flask is washable and removable. Fashion statement of thirst quenching proportions. Easy Hydration.

Now the question remains, how do we get our hands on these in South Africa?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Teenager high on "Bath Salt" crashes car and exhibits zombie like behavior. See how he freaks out!

Teenager high on "Bath Salt" crashes car and exhibits zombie like behavior wile police try to .....well they could not do much. 

A shocking video has emerged of a teenager apparently high on bath salts and having some kind of seizure or psychotic episode which saw him crash an SUV through a fence and into a truck. The video was posted on YouTube by someone who tried to help the teenager but claims he tried to eat him. The incident is alleged to have taken place in Buffalo, New York, and shows the aftermath of the crash with the teen writhing around on the ground

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Honda CB650 and Yamaha SR500 Cafe Racers - photoshoot #1

Finally the x2 Cafe Racers are parked downstairs, ready and willing.
I took this opportunity to take some photos of these beauties. 

The Honda CB650 is a 1979 model belons to me and rides lekker.
The Yamaha SR500 is a 1981 model and belongs to my friend Brad, you are welcome to check out our CafeRacerSA page for more photos and details.


Work that I have done on this bike:
Sprayed rims black and polished lip with new Spitfire tires.
Sprayed engine and polished fins.
Polished some bits on engine.
Spray fuel tank and restore Honda branding.
Polished rear shocks.
Sprayed exhaust.
Cut and Weld new "U-Bar" at back for seat.
Make up fiberglass seat from scratch. Fit upholstered seat.
Fit stoplight and number-plate bracket.
Make fiberglass side-covers & spray.
Fit Clubman handle bars and dropped gauges. 
Fit new headlight brackets. 
Drop headlight. Fit Xenon headlight kit and replace all globes with LEDs.
Fit new front and back indicators. 
Lowered ignition.
Fit fork boots.
Fit new foot pegs.