Monday, 22 October 2012

Johannesburg Hail Storm Horror Video

You must have heard by now about the freaky golf and tennis ball size hailstorm that literally hit Johannesburg Saturday night?

Pietie van Pretoria said that his family kaya in Johannesburg was hit very hard and he will have to travel there this week to repair his gutters.
"My gutters was hit moertoe (very badly broken) by the big hail, I have to fix it this week"
(photo of his gutters attached)

I'm just joking. There is no Pietie, but Johannesburg was hit by a 5min freak hailstorm that must have created a nightmare for insurance companies today.

Allot of images was posted on the internet & spread via email today, but I wanted to attach a video clip of this just to show you how hectic it was.

Thank goodness my "rusted ratbike" was not parked outside, because after such a storm just the tires would remain standing, because everyone knows there is no rust on rubber.

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