Monday, 28 May 2012

Canal Walk Century City parking is lekker mal!

Monday I went to Canal Walk ,Century City. I was there for literally 20min, when I got back to the pay station I took the card out to put into the machine ,(expecting it to say it's cool bru, just go, don't pay) NO instead I got a surprise. The machine said I must pay R600 !!!!!!!
Anyway, obviously I did what all male will do, cancel the ticket and just tune the guy at the gate I lost my card or follow someone out the gate when they leave.
But then I noticed that the card I took out my wallet was an old one that I must have kept (don't ask me why).
There was the one I was looking for...right there. Put it in and bam, now I owe R8, but still R6 for 20min at Canal walk? they are out of there minds. that is crazy.
Now I have a plan, I'm gonna keep that card and see how much I can get that amount to and ask a security guy to help me next time, just to see how long it takes him to figure this one out.

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