Saturday, 23 June 2012

Superbike crashes into Formula 1 car at Top Gear Live 2012 in Durban

Superbike crashes into Petronas AMG Formula 1 car during head to head race at the Top Gear Live Festival 2012 in Durban South Africa.
Not much to say about this clip. People in cars do not always realize that cars have x4 wheels and x4 sets of brakes, and bikes might be able to slow down quickly, cars can do it much safer than on a bike.
Looking at this clip, I can see the guy on bike braked hard on front brakes, he should have swerved to the right. You can also hear the car gearing down to get the car to stop faster. Why I do not know.
Fortunately no on was injured.
Watch the clip below.

I wonder when hen will Top gear be coming to Cape Town?

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