Sunday, 15 July 2012

Man threatens to set himself on fire over cellphone bill he can't pay.

I don't know about you but this will never happen in good old South Africa. The staff & security will probably encourage him to do so. While all this is happening someone will start robbing the store, because it will draw such a croud and it will be easy to slip away. The hobos will line up for a free pair of shoes and take advantage of the heat. It is super cold this winter.
That's how I see it playing out.
Read what really happened below.
A day after Haifa resident Moshe Silman sets himself on fire during a social justice protest in Tel Aviv, an Ariel resident threatens to burn himself in a cell phone store in Petah Tikva.
 The man, 52, walked into an Orange store while carrying a bottle of inflammable liquid in his hand. He told the salespeople that he had a debt of NIS 20,000 with the cell phone company and that he was unable to pay it.
The suspect threatened to pour inflammable liquid and set himself on fire. The store's security guard, who witnessed the incident, quickly grabbed the man and managed to take away the bottle.
Police officers who were called to the scene detained the suspect and took him in for an investigation. The police have yet to decide whether to hold the man or release him under limiting conditions.
Meanwhile, Silman, who suffered burns on over 90% of his body, remains in critical condition. He has been hospitalized at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, where doctors are fighting for his life.


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