Monday, 30 July 2012

The 50 Hottest Olympians Blazing London This Summer

As you all know, the 2012 Olympic games are here. But wait, there is more....
Now you can check out the 50 hottest Olympians in London.
Even you coach potatoes that only enjoy watching the crap on SABC can now enjoy & appreciate the effort these sportsmen & women to achieve their goal. And I am not talking about looking hot, I'm talking about winning the "GOLD'.

The 2012 Summer Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones who are going to need to hit the showers after competition, we’re going to need a cool down too! Olympians are bringing the heat to this summer’s games in London with scorching hot bods and impeccable bone structure to boot. And let us just say, we are damn proud to be Americans. So many of our top sexiest athletes hail from these United States. We clearly have an obsession with Ryan Lochte and don’t worry, he’s in there, but Michael Phelps, Andy Roddick, Hope Solo, Lolo Jones also make an appearance along with plenty of their fellow Team USA competitors that we can’t get enough of. And of course, what would the Olympic games be without sportsmanship? We also mixed in plenty of foreign flavor from Spain, Brazil, Norway and Switzerland amongst so many others. It’s taking everything we’ve got not to book our flights to London while simultaneously writing this post. All hail the hotties sprinting, jumping, dunking, swimming, kicking, rowing, serving, and working their spectacular butts off. Viewers, you are going to need a towel and a glass of water for this one…

Open this link to view all 50 hotties.

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