Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blouberg Beach's stranded ship oil all over beach again.

Thanks for fokkol Helen & Zuma, you have failed us again.
Apparently when your idiot ecologically retarded and bribed government said that the Seli 1 (stranded at Blouberg for 3 - 4 fking years) hold no dangers to the environment and all the residents were moaning about the oil on the beach. You were thinking of all the other unimportant k@k.
Well you tits. Now who will clean up the mess? Early this morning the Seli 1's cranes came tumbling down & with that part of the ship broke off. Naturally all the left over fuel & oil came pouring out into the ocean...again.
Now I moan allot but can you lazy fks get off your asse$ & go clean up the mess.
I went there with my family and could not even get the oil off my feet.
I had to get everyone at home to wash and scrub it to get that off.
Photos attached.

So thanks again for fokkol.

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