Thursday, 6 September 2012

Funky Vegetables at Checkers Sunningdale.

Last weekend I went to the new Checkers in Sunningdale. Like always, the wife wonders off to the fruit and vegetable section so I have to tag along, only because if I have the trolley and like all of you guys know..It's your fault if she is looking for you when she want to put the stuff in the trolley. haha good-times.
Normally we buy the same veggies every week because of me that have something against the "orange veggies" (and the little one is also very fussy).
AKA pumpkin, butternut and all those things. So we have an understanding: She can buy & cook it , but I don't want to have it on the table, because it makes me "naar"
Back to my story, sorry.
So there I was going about my business when I spotted these weird looking veggies with their awesome colours and textures. 
I tried to find the names, but obviously Checkers also don't know what they are called.
I think one of those poop looking ones are yams. And I suppose you could call the purple ones "purple beans"
I'm not sure what that big thing is that looks like a mutant mango.
If you know what these fruits are, drop a comment or go and try them for yourself. Let me know if they taste as good as they look.

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