Monday, 19 November 2012

And you thought your ride is bad.

And you thought your ride is bad.

If you think your train / taxi or bus ride is a living hell, then spare a thought for these subway passengers in Tokyo. Packed like sardines into sweaty, claustrophobic carriages. (on SA's metro rail it is probably the same, but might smell worse. lol)

These passengers can barely breathe let alone move about freely. The photographs are the work of Michael Wolf, a German-born artist who has been capturing the cramped conditions of Japan's capital for 15 years. Eleven million commuters use Tokyo's transport network every morning, with suburban and subway trains reliably packed to the brim from first light to late morning.

Now firstly I want to know why the photographer spent 15 years taking these photos. What's up with that?

I remember when I was in college...back in the day, the early morning train used to be so packed that you literally felt like you were in a mosh pit and at each station the train comes to a sudden stop, you do not have to hold on to anything, because it was part of the fun. Bumping and jumping into old ladies are fun. 
Good times.
My bad.

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