Sunday, 2 December 2012

My 1962 Porsche Project OR 1980's Cafe Racer Project

For too long have my Porsche been standing, not doing anything to it since winter started. Undercover, shame. 
I started stripping it to restore it from the chassis up. 
Obviously it is a bit difficult to find suppliers here in Cape Town for some custom parts I need, looks like JHB is the place to get them from.
So after stripping it to about 90% and working my way up again, and then again stripping the wiring out and getting rid of the non SABS windscreen, winter started. Always something more to do.

Photos of stripping, stripping and more stripping.

It is now at 90% complete again. And as I said ... for a good couple of months just standing under cover.
Now I want to strip it down again and do a proper job, but "APPARENTLY" I am not allowed to work on my car where I live. I guess I need a double garage where I can make lots of noise. :(
Now I am a bit stuck and don't know if I should keep it or sell it and start working on something new.

This is what I want it to look like when finished.

This is what it look like now. (without the gauges & windscreen)

If I keep it, it will have tostand for a year or two and just move onto something smaller for now. Like a 1980's cafe racer.
Small enough to work on and I do not need x2 bays for working.
x2 Friends of mine have the same idea and I've been doing some research and found the donor bike I want and what it will look like when finished.

CX500 donor bike
CB650 donor bike

A couple of $ & loads of sweat later and .... Magic!
1980 Cafe Racer
OR something like this, (without the cockpit fairing)

So what do you think I should do?
Post your comments please.

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