Friday, 16 March 2012

Fukn Bluelight brigade, does it again.

Fukn bluelight Brigade does it again and again.
Yesterday as I was driving to work I saw these guys driving another (probably another corrupt politician) to his meeting, driving like a poephol. Hooting & pushing everyone out the way and then doing what I would only expect from a taxi driver.... going onto the bus-lane (mycity bus) and drive like a maniac.
Now here is the thing, I'm on my bike ,so obviously I can kind of keep up with this guy driving in-between the cars and all, but note that this "doos" of a driver probably do not even realize that there is only one of those lanes in milnerton. This guy drove all the way from Blouberg Bayside to town (almost 15km stretch). I mean WTF Helen Zille is probably the only person in parliament that is trying to ban these blue light guys.
Now what I would really like to know is, who do these ministers think they are to not only endanger the people on the roads, but also have no respect for fellow motorists. And how important was his meeting?Miskien as hulle hulle fukn oe uit hulle gatte trek, sal hulle sien dat die paaie k@k is en as hulle iets daaraan dien, dan sal almal betyds vir werk wees.

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