Monday, 11 June 2012

Bicycle with a Monster Truck Wheel

Bicycle with a Monster Truck Wheel, what will the hillbillies think of next?

The Monsterbike certainly doesn’t look like the easiest thing in the world to pedal but clearly speed is not what they’re going for this. It’s a “regular” penny-farthing bicycle (you know, those old timey ones with the giant wheel in front and small wheels in the back) taken to the extreme by attaching a monster truck tire as it’s front wheel. This bicycle could totally crush every bike on the road, if only it could go a little bit faster. Now of course you’re going to want to see a video of this bad boy in action, so here ya go:

Is this considered a fixed wheel fixie super mod or something? It looks like only one gear, so maybe. This is from somewhere in The Netherlands, and I like how most of the normal bicycle riders that cruise past don’t even give this monster bike a second look. They should take this on a downhill to really see what she can do.

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