Tuesday, 12 June 2012

GELFUEL re-called, you might still have this in your house.

Last night I saw this thing on TV about a little girl that got 80% burns to her body after a freak accident when the Gelfuel container exploded in her dad's hand. 
I have a 4 year old, so I feel sorry for this little girl. Can't imagine how the dad must feel.
I'm not going to view my opinion or judge the parents, but rather warn you about the dangers of this product.
Why the warning? 
Because these days even monkeys work with dangerous products that can harm the ones around them, so best thing is to know about the danger before you get injured. 
I found an article on the internet about exploding Gelfuel containers that exploded ,so it was recalled.
Check if you have this product and be careful if you use it or someone you know are about to squeeze some onto an open flame.

Here's the article...

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