Monday, 4 June 2012

Zuma ,Brett Murray & Zapiro, hier kom nog groot k@k.

Today I received another one of those Zapiro pictures via email & thought it was k@k funny. The strangest thing ,if you study everything said in the cartoon,you will realize that it is all true. What is a country with out freedom of speech and where you can not make fun of the comedy that is our government and ministers, they are a joke. I mean it is 2012 and after Cosatu literally stoned and tazered the DA members ,you would think that our president will be more worried about the state of his country than his reputation. (maybe he must try to lead by example) When bill Clinton had an affair ,the world judged him and he was considered to be scum of the earth and his reputation went down as easily as Monica did on him. 

Now all these artists are being told they are "racist" (I think that is the only fkn thing they can think of to use against them) I say that you can only be racist if you have a problem with all other races except your own.
How can Zapiro  & Brett Muray be racist if they love Chinese?

Is Freedom of speech & the right to express yourself not in our constitution?


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