Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sometimes you see the most random things. Even in Houtbay.

Sometimes you see the most random things just sitting down and ordering something to eat.A few weeks ago I was in Houtbay and had lunch in one of their restaurants at the harbor and saw the following at the back of the menu.
I thought it was very funny.
Reading this made me look around and I swear that the person that wrote this was sitting in the restaurant checking out the scene and just wrote down what he experienced.

Yes the waitress did have nice legs.
I did not order the duck.
The table did not smell like old people, but there were about 50 old people sitting all around me.
Made me feel like I was in an old age home having Sunday lunch.
You could smell the seals, not seaweed. But I ordered a beer.
The hostess looked more like a pirate, she had one eye that kept on looking at me while talking to my wife.
Other thank that the service and food was great.

Bellow is a picture I took from another restaurant the day before, The weather was not so good that day.

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