Thursday, 19 July 2012

The GQ Model Search 2012

10 sexy ladies get my vote for sexiest girl of the week.

Ten drop dead up and coming models writhing around in their undies and competing for a chance to be featured in GQ magazine.

If you're not familiar, let us refresh your memory: The GQ Model Search involves us photographing 10 hot girls, getting them to answer some questions and then getting you to vote for who you'd like to see in the magazine.

What's in it for you? Well, despite the obvious, a signed copy of GQ by the girl you voted for, plus the opportunity to see even more of her in your favourite mag.

The process is simple. Scroll through the images above, get to know the girls a bit better, then vote for your favourite below by selecting her name in the drop down bar below. If there's a girl you want to see more of, we suggest you get involved, because there are loads more where these pictures came from. And if last year's Model Search is anything to go by...well, let's just say the competition got pretty heated.

Happy voting gents, may your favourite girl win.

Meet last year's winner, Rozanna.

To enter, simply click on the link below, scroll through the list of girls and fill in your details.

My favorite is:
Name: Marine
Agency: Full Circle Model Management

Ever done something wild to get ahead? I used to have a fake ID when I was sixteen, which I'd use to get into a club. It didn't work, by the way.
Bikinis, briefs or g-strings? G-strings.
Has modeling left you naughty or nice? Both in a sense, but I'd say a little bit naughty especially when you travel. It's always a fight between good and evil (laughs).
Any secret talents? I have a very long tongue and I can touch my nose with it. I'm also double-jointed.

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