Friday, 20 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Opening Weekend Marred By Tragedy, Shooter Kills 14 People At Cinema

A midst all the excitement of The Dark Knight Rises opening weekend, a horrible tragedy has completely shocked the world and totally ruined the joy of the movie finally releasing. While the cast of the film is in Europe for the grand opening, back home is where the calamity happened. 14 people were shot dead by a masked gunman yesterday at the film’s premiere that was screened at the Century Aurora 16 Movie Theater in Denver, Colorado. 30-40 people are also reported to have been injured in the shooting. Initial reports stated that 10 people were murdered, but more have succumbed to their injuries in hospitals since then. 
Radio updates said that the gunman had a mask on, and just opened fire around the cinema, during the midnight show of the movie. The shooter also set off a smoke or tear gas bomb — details are still emerging about that. Apparently, people initially thought that the “gunshots were part of the movie” but soon realized the truth. We are just so torn up by this news and our thoughts and prayers are going out to all the people and families affected by this. 9 News, Colorado is reporting that the suspect is in police custody as of 2 AM today, and we hope justice is served quickly.

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Brad Havenga said...

Wow, that's pretty insane!!! Did he think he was Batman?