Friday, 3 August 2012

Stupid bodybuilder thinks he can rap.

Sometimes people ask me how can I listen to Die Antwoord or Jack Parow, because it's just stupid. My answer is simple. It is entertaining. Stupid I think not so much. There must have been alot of people & planning involved to get where they are. And as far as tallent, well... Talent is not everything. Balancing a ball on your head might be a tallent, but it wont make you famous or rich.
Check out the video link and you will probably share my feeling about. Dumb$hit hillbilly rappers.
I do however enjoy some rap from time to time and thanks to youtube & this thing people talkabout interweb,haha. You can find alot of well known artists doing freestyle rap there.
I guess that's about the only way you truely know if a rapper is good. If you can't freestyle, you suck at it.

Watch "BEST RAPPER ALIVE calls out everyone steps up to anyone freestyle BODYBUILDER" on YouTube

And what's up with the Guns?
Look at that small forearm. Weak man.

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