Sunday, 5 August 2012

Where must we pee?

Blouberg beach has it's ups and downs, but recently I have noticed that the municipality is not doing what they should. It's simple things like...employ people to sweep the streets. That's where most of cape town taxpayers money go..towards fixing flooded roads and burst pipes. If the sewers are not blocked by all the $hit that goes down there it will probably last longer Mr. Zuma. I remember street sweepers when I was in school, all I see now is road workers with flags and one guy with a pick, while 3 other are resting under a tree.
O, yes. Back to my point.
If you Mr.Zuma can get the 3 useless guys to get their shuvels and dig out the toilets at blouberg beach (that is curently under a mountain of sand) it would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime I think people must do their business on the dunes next to it. Sorry Helen Z, I know you are trying to save the dunes, but maybe you guys must get your priorities straight.

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