Monday, 6 August 2012

1Time plane on fire! Engine apparently exploded in mid air.

How do we not know about these things until someone blogs about it?

Read some more, well the little the "media" tel us anyway.  
Johannesburg -
The airline 1Time apologised on Monday to passengers affected by the return of its aircraft to the Durban airport.
“(We) sincerely regret any inconvenience that was caused for passengers aboard the flight, as well as those that were delayed at the airport...,” said director of flight operations Captain Wayne Jefferies.
Jefferies said the captain on board followed precautionary measures when he decided to turn back the flight to King Shaka International Airport on Sunday.
The SA Civil Aviation Authority said the aircraft that made an emergency landing at Durban's airport had an engine failure.
The plane, which had been going to Cape Town, was forced to turn back minutes after take off. The runway at the airport was closed from 5pm for the emergency landing.
Jefferies said a noteworthy noise was heard followed by a sudden jolt. The check done on the plane indicated damage to the engine.
The cabin crew and passengers were notified that the aircraft would be returning to Durban, he said.
“We wish to reiterate that safety is our airline's first and foremost priority... and therefore every precaution was taken to return the aircraft safely.” - Sapa

Last year in October a similar thing happened to 1Time when a engine exploded before takeoff.

Regarding that incident...
Its amazing to me how people consume news in today’s world. A prime example would be of that mornings incident at OR Tambo International Airport where a 1Time Airline plane’s engine apparently exploded just before take off. Idols presenter Proverb was on board the plane and posted this picture on Twitter. The tweet he posted with it read as follows “Absolute Drama & Panic! The engine of the plane I was on (fire), apparently Exploded!!! We just evacuated!”
I read about it on Twitter, found the post and saw the picture. Who needs conventional main stream news?

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