Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Expendables 2, what to expect.

Check out "The Expendables 2.", I think it will be one of those skop, skiet en donder movies. Just like the first one, but with Chuck Norris added to the crew, it will be definitely be jab-jab ,roundhouse kick.
'Expendables 2' Cast Decides: Who Took The Hardest Hit? For as much action and as many stars as "The Expendables 2" has, the cast was bound to get a little roughed up. But who took the worst beating? To find out, MTV News asked the stars themselves at the red-carpet premiere for the action all-star meet-up. And there was a definite consensus: The fearless leader of the Expendables, Sylvester Stallone. Chuck Norris, one of the new additions to the cast, hadn't seen the movie yet, but he had a feeling that Sly Stallone didn't fare so well. "I would have to guess that it would be Sly, since he's the main star," Norris said. "He would take the most beating." Terry Crews couldn't help but agree. If the first "Expendables" was any indication, Stallone might be still healing by the time a third film rolls around. "I would have to say Sly. He's still nursing things from the first movie," Crews said. "He broke his neck doing the first 'Expendables,' so to come back and do a movie like this again is genius. This man is the toughest man I have ever seen." "Probably Sly again, by the end of this one," Randy Couture agreed, bringing the Stallone vote to three. "He tore his shoulder up a little bit. He puts it on the line each and every time." Jason Statham added that the kind of injuries they all experienced on set just came with the territory of starring in a Stallone action movie. "It's a hard battle to win that because it's par for the course when you're doing a movie for Sly," he said. "You get dirty, and you get injured, and you get banged around. I think we share the pain."

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