Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Is it a cremitorium, pizza hut, beauty parlour or coffee shop?

In Bonnievale life is very lekka and simple. You can like to be having your nails and hair done while you wait for your pizza to come out the oven. It may be the same oven they are using to cremate your husban. They might say it is not true. You will never know.
Also you can like to be ordering a scone and cuppachino at the same time.
Let me explain it.
It's simple.
Have another look at the photo.
Now this is a lekker little pizza take away huisie in the Bonnie, but if you have a look at the entrance at the left, you see that it is also a funeral home/cremitorium. Mmm how much for a pizza? On the right of the pizza place (same little house) you can see it also have a beauty parlour. (i can like to assume it's the same aunty that do the make up for the dead people. And lastly, towards the right you have a coffee shop. I think they can do the catering when you die. (sory my cell do not have a fisheye lens so I could not get it in frame).
I really wanted to get us some pizza, but the idea of a dead person in my pizza's oven was just a bit too much for me.
This multiple shop/mall/house is not so new to me. See I grew up (yes I did) on the platteland where I remember that the library/morgue/GP & kindergarden was in the same building.
Needless to say that the one day I had to walk past the morgue to take a dump and saw my first dead...arm, and I $hat in my pants. (I think I was 5).
Thanks Bonnievale for putting that memory back in my head.

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