Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Nelson Mandela print on Bank Notes

It’s strange that in a country like ours, filled with freedom of speech and perceived democracy government can still do what they want. When I say government I am actually meaning the ANC, because face it. They will make changes in this country the way they feel best only if it promotes their popularity or political future.
As you might find out pretty soon, all the bank notes will be changed to have the print of Nelson Mandela on it.
Now don’t get me wrong. I was not born black or Indian. I was not born in the apartheid era. Honestly, when did this era ended. Do you know? And NO it’s not 1994. It was long before that.
I am a “currently disadvantaged white”.
Go ask your oupa what apartheid was all about. Apparently it was to separate the black and whites so that the black could develop themselves.  Obviously this was a big mistake and just a K@K idea of the white oupa in government.
Now, we are supposed to learn from our mistakes and move FORWARD, so now we put blacks empowerment first. I call this BEE  “reverse apartheid strategy” basically it is to take the qualified white out of power so that blacks can develop. WTF why not learn from the past and empower the nation together.

Getting back to the Mandela print on the notes, I read somewhere that he was convicted and sentenced to death because of treason (blowing up shit), but because all the white were so scared of an uprising they decided to rather change the sentence and put him on Robbin Island? FYI
Go and google this. Nobody will tell you that he was blowing up whites with Winny in 19 voetsek.
Now imagine the AWB started to blow up the ANC buildings? Do you thing they would put their leader in prison? Let him out in 27 years and make him president? Put his face on all the bank notes.
So with all that in mind, what’s your opinion on the bank notes?
Do you think it’s a waste of the taxpayer’s money? Did the big 5 offend someone and needed to change?
Or is this a clever way of the ANC to subconsciously embed their image in the mind of every south African every time they look at money?
Makes you wonder who gave the ok for this.
I wonder what’s printed on Zimbabwe’s banknotes?

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